We have donated new technological equipment and services expertise to recipients of the Demonstrating Independence Project endowments so far...but there's more.  You can apply if this fits your need...just reach out with our contact form and let us know you are seeking more independence.


Apple Computer's technology was given a huge "thank you" from Todd due to their dedication to independence in the first video below.  But check out all of the clips:

We are dedicated to independence for the spinal cord injured...but it goes even further than that.  Anyone who is suffering from a lack of independence due to physical limitations can benefit from our efforts.  We call it "Demonstrating Independence" and love to share what we've learned.

Our Project

What if you could help the blind to see or the deaf to hear? Would you take action?  This is what the Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation strives to do: take action…but we are realists.  There is no short-term cure and the immediate needs for the spinal cord injured are great: information, a voice, as well as technical & financial support to improve their quality of life.


16 September 2014 Team attends the Cortex Users Group event in Dallas TX


30 November 2014

Thanksgiving Independence Project recipients announced

5 October 2014

Next round of recipients is announced