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The Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation


What if you could help the blind to see or the deaf to hear?
Would you take action? 

This is what the Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation strives to do: take action…but we are realists.  There is no short-term cure and the immediate needs for the spinal cord injured are great: information, a voice, as well as technical & financial support to improve their quality of life. 
That is why we’re asking you to join us…as a member you will play a vital role in this cause with your monthly contributions. You can help the spinal cord-injured unite to work together, assist the occupational therapists who serve them, and spread the word by becoming a member of The Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation – join today with a membership plan.
FIND the spinal cord injured
Everyone needs a voice…help us create one for this scattered population with common and immediate needs.  You may be surprised to discover there are government policies that can hamper the efforts of spinal cord-injured persons to be truly independent.  Some of these policies restrict the freedom to seek work.  A united voice is needed. 
Our foundation helps create a voice for all spinal cord injured persons by creating a very powerful database that  captures how and where they live, the different progressive technologies available, and methods occupational therapists can use to support their independence.
Your ongoing membership contributions will allow us to build this data repository.  It takes tremendous resources to create, store, and scale a continually growing information resource; your donations will help make it live-and-breathe.  You will give us the voice we need.

DEVELOP technologies and solutions
We can assist in more rapid development of independence enabling technologies.  Occupational Therapists can make more progress when they can locate a larger population with which to test and tweak their developments.

This is a huge side-effect of finding and unifying the spinal cord-injured population…we help others help us.  We’ll take what we learn and broadcast it here on the site (www.theTSF.org) and open the door for others to contribute with knowledge, personal characteristics and locations.  This will improve the reach of available solutions as well as increase the effectiveness of the ingenious specialists who create them.

As we generate a larger monthly membership base, we’ll be able to fund more technological development.  So, your contributions will directly impact living condition improvements for those in need.

COMMUNICATE these issues and developments

Outreach efforts need to reach government organizations and medical groups as well as corporations for maximum support.  Todd Stabelfeldt does his part to spread the word through speaking engagements [link to speaking engagement page] with churches, Occupational Therapy groups, schools and businesses.  However, the impact of the foundation could be far greater.

With more diverse efforts, the TSF could expand communications and the reach of our speaking services as well as tap the synergies of like-minded foundations.  To make this happen, press releases and online communication blitzes will accelerate spreading the word.
You can help through social media and by sharing the video link… tell everyone you know… then help us create new communication tools with your monthly contributions. The key is: when we get the word out everything grows...support for the foundation grows with more awareness, which means that technical innovation increases and spreads further; all leading to more independence for more spinal cord-disabled persons.

JOIN to make this happen

YOU can help FIND and unite the spinal cord-injured supported by our cause, help DEVELOP solutions for them, and COMMUNICATE their needs & the goals of the foundation serving them.

It’s as easy as filling out an online member form then posting how you’re part of our common mission on your Facebook and twitter feeds.  By doing so, you’ll be supporting the TSF with monthly contributions and your voice.  This will help many people with just a little bit of your time.

Click one of our links below for PayPal / Google Pay, fill out the banking info and submit.  Do it now…we need your help today!

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Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. The Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. You can also send your gift to: Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation, PO Box 363, Allyn, WA 98524


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