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Who is todd?

Todd is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing him.

He was born in 1979 to a great dad, mom, and sister. When Todd was about 4 his father died in a motorcycle accident when coming home from work. In the summer of 1987, Todd then 8, found himself playing with some antique rifles owned by his deceased father. Todd was accidentally shot in the chin by his cousin Michael.

As a boy growing up with quadriplegia, Todd and his family managed as best they could. Todd’s mother Gwen, did not allow him to dwell on his disability. She told him he would be allowed to stay at home only until he was 20 years old. Todd learned at a very young age to not let his disability stop his dreams.

He attended public school, became a Natural Helper, and started attending college classes at 16. A week after turning 18, Todd got his first job as a software developer for a medical company based in Seattle .

Today, Todd is a very successful businessman. Todd still works for the same medical software company. He now holds the position of Vice President of Operations.

Todd’s real passion is speaking to businesses, hospitals, colleges, schools, churches, conferences, etc. about his story and overcoming challenges. Todd is a real source of inspiration, compassion, and honesty.

Todd’s mantra is “I want to give back to the community which gave to me and my family.” Todd has found ways to touch others in profound ways—he touches with his heart; through his paintings, volunteering at hospitals, public/inspirational speeches, and peer counseling.

Todd's Vision

CompassionI live every minute of my life with a constant reminder of a bad choice. Thru this choice I now present myself to the world as a spectacle. My choice now is how to define spectacle. I want to choose and help others choose life over death. By sitting in my own pain, I can help others by requesting permission to sit with them when most do not or will not.

InnovationMy mind is in real time developing solutions to enrich my life. I work 24 hours a day making quadriplegia less painful in my daily routine. The solutions I / we develop should be shared with the world. My position is unique when compared to my peers. I/we want to use this leverage to educate leaders, teachers, and therapists with better ways to provide solutions.

EmpowermentUsing my story to share love and life we will find other stories of the like. When we share we learn, and when we learn we become empowered to make better choices. Choices start with self and with the right tools the choice then becomes sustainable. The power to choose is what we all want.

“I believe in the mind and the power it has to create quality in life. When your mind is all you have, you begin to think very differently from the person sitting next you. I believe we are here to serve and lift each other up. I am a man who was profoundly changed by my experience. My life’s desire is to share my story with as many people as possible in the hope it might start the mobility in their mind. Mobility of the mind looks different for all of us, but when we are free to think and free to share our story, I believe we can do anything.”

Todd Stabelfeldt - 2008

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