AJ Minnick's Letter



TSF Foundation,

I want to take a few minutes and thank Tyler and his foundation the TSF for making a somewhat difficult aspect of life a lot easier and functional through providing me with the technology that allows me to control my environment and be that much more independent. After nearly 25 years of being a quadriplegic and trying every solution (and many did not work) to control my phone, television, and other equipment, I'm now able to do so. I have learned that figuring out the details of daily life as a quadriplegic first is going to take some mental fortitude and resolve to do all one can, but also, along the way, as long as I was willing to do "X" in life, I've learned there are friends and indi viduals who were/are there to plug-in the missing pieces or details that I needed help with to be successful. The Tecla-E, combined with other switch and IOS accesability technologies, takes care of a huge detail and let me make calls, receive calls, and allows me to do more things on my own safely and independently. A HUGE thank you to Tyler at the TSF foundation and for all the support and work you do for others with such a unique need. You will never be able to calculate or quantify the difference you are making in lives that really need this technology. THANK YOU.

AJ Minnick, 25 year C-4/5 veteran quadriplegic.