Carsten Zahout-Heil's Letter


My Name is Carsten Zahout-Heil. 


I am working as a professor at the university of applied science in Darmstadt/Germany.

Within the department for electrical engineering and information technology my field of research are solutions to provide accessibility based on smart home technologies. The focus is on using cheap and available technologies to enable and enhance accessibility.

One year ago I got in contact with Tyler. During several telephone calls we shared some ideas and created projects out of it.

Most of them are in the field of human interaction with smart technologies. We created concepts for switches, established data bases for assistive technologies and created an alarming systems based on standard smart home components. We also focused on technologies that provide safe guidance through buildings or areas. Currently we are working on a app that provides mouse control by facial expressions. As soon as my website is ready you will get detailed informations of current and future projects.


Tylers input and feedback is the base to develop reasonable products that hit the mark and do not provide „nice“ ideas by some engineers. His energy, patience and passion was and still is a great source of inspiration for my work on accessibility!


Warm Regards,