Denise Smith-Irwin Letter



Dear Tyler,


With the Thanksgiving season ending and the holiday season beginning I was contemplating things I was grateful for and one of them was Tyler Schrenk and his nonprofit TSF Organization. He graciously and patiently spent many conversations with me over the phone brainstorming the most efficient and cost effective way of integrating the technology I had so I could voice activate my televisions. Being a quadriplegic with barely any hand function, I got stuck watching whatever channel was left on and could not change it or the volume! Tyler advised which equipment I needed then came over to my house twice to install and demonstrate how to use it. Since then, I've had opportunity and freedom to turn my TV off and on, change the channels, and adjust the volume by only using my voice! It's an incredible sense of independence and freedom knowing that is one less thing I need to ask someone to do for me! 


Denise Smith-Irwin, Woodinville, Washington