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breathing independently


Phillips cough assistant and amazon echo

in this video I am demonstrating how I use my “cough assist machine” independently. The products I use are a Phillips cough assist machine, a gooseneck arm, face mask, wemo outlet and Amazon echo. To achieve this task it is usually necessary to have the assistance of a caretaker. I use ifttt triggers to get these devices to interact. To make this work I plug the Philips cough assist machine into the wemo outlet, leaving the cough assist machine on and in the automatic setting. Since I leave the cough assist on when it receives power from the wemo outlet it automatically runs. I positioned myself next to the mounted mask and then I send a command to the Amazon echo to turn the wemo on which then gives the cough assist machine power which allows it to run.

Due to limited lung function I am unable to achieve a full cough which makes this machine necessary to clear my lungs throughout the day. Being able to do this without the help of a caretaker is a key task to my independence. Living alone it would be difficult to ask for assistance every time I needed to cough.