Our Projects


Technology, as widely accessible as it might be, is not always affordable. To address this, there are many resources we can help you navigate.

If necessary, the Tyler Schrenk Foundation provides two grants: the Jose Blakely Memorial Grant and the Demonstrating Independence Program Grant. Click the button above to learn more.

Technology is incredible but very often foreign to those that need it most. We can help with this.

The Tyler Schrenk Foundation uses its platform to teach interested individuals on what kind of technologies can help people regain independence, get back to work, or simply watch their favorite shows. We can set up free consultations if needed here.

Click the link above to learn more about our recommended assistive technologies!

Tyler’s been in the game for a while. Using his expertise in the field, TSF has and continues to collaborate with companies, non-profits, and academic institutions across the Seattle area and beyond.

Tyler uses his expertise in this field to help those interested come up with a customized plan that will allow them to achieve their full independence.