Ray Newby's Letter



I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all that The Tyler Schrenk foundation has done for me over the last nine months.  The information and technology that your foundation has recommended and given me has expanded and greatly improved the quality of my life.

My interaction with you began by you giving me information about the Xbox, and help setting the Xbox up and explaining how to use the Xbox to control my TV via voice commands. This has given me the ability to use my TV free from the dependence on others.

My physical therapist first made me aware of the Tecla device to help quadriplegics to interact with the iPhone.  I had no means of procuring the device.  When your foundation offered the Tecla device to me, it was as if I had been given a gift from my fairy godmother because I had no means to obtain one on my own.  Before the Tecla, I used the phone for making and answering calls using voice commands but could not hang the calls up.  The Tecla device has greatly enhanced the use of my phone from just using it for phone calls.   Now with the Tecla device I can surf the web and use many functions and apps  on the phone. Because of the new found independence with the phone, my life has been greatly enhanced.  Your foundation has greatly expanded my capabilities and interaction with others independent of outside help.

Your foundation not only gave me the Tecla device, it also furnished all of the auxiliary devices that were required to integrate the Tecla with my chair and chin control.  Your tireless effort and devotion to seeing through all aspects of obtaining, installing and integrating the Tecla device is unsurpassed and delightfully refreshing making the overall experience straightforward and easy.  I cannot imagine the effort and coordination that was necessary in order to make the integration a success,
 I offer you my eternal gratitude and thanks for the changes in my life.

It is my opinion and experience with your foundation that  the services that you provided have far surpassed all of my expectations.  Thank you for the technology, services, and support your foundation has provided me.  Your foundation is a blessing for people in my situation and it is my hope that your foundation can continue far into the future and expand its services.


Ray Newby