Accessible phone system

This system allows the user to easily control his/hers iPhone through either the controls they use to drive their power wheelchair or external switches/buttons that the user can touch with their face or any other body part they are able to move. What allows this to work is "switch control" that is programmed into iPhone's and either a device (works with per mobile chairs) or a tecla (works with most chairs) which lets switch control interact with the wheelchair or the switches/buttons. This system can be installed on most power chairs, but I have the most experience with per mobile and Invacare.


Xbox one

The Xbox one with the Kinnect has the ability, to let you control your television through voice. You can turn your TV on/off, lower and raise the volume, change channels and access the television guide. The voice commands are fairly accurate and generally reliable.



The QuadJoy is used to control a mouse on your computer by controlling a joystick with your mouth. You are able to move the mouse in any direction and perform a right and left click. This product is reliable and I find to be one of the better options to help control a computer.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is voice driven program that let you control your computer completely by voice. I find it to be the best speech to text voice software available. It also can act as a way to control your computer by voice with a wide ranging amount controls to move a mouse navigate the web. I do not have as much experience using Dragon to navigate your computer I only use it for speech to text conversion but no of many people who have mastered the program and can easily use it as act alone way to controlling your computer.


Wemo outlets

let you Turn lights and appliances on or off from your phone, wherever you are. You can also Pair your Wemo device with Amazon Echo or Google Home and you can control your lights, your appliances with just your voice. Any device that can be plugged into a wall outlet can be controlled this way. I find these outlets to be fairly reliable but will occasionally become disconnected and you will have to go into the app on your phone to re – pair or reconnect.


Apple TV

The Apple TV allows you to control all of your apps such as Netflix, HBO go, Showtime anytime etc. this is extremely helpful if you use switch control like myself since using switch control on my phone lets me access all of these without using the remote. You can also turn your TV on and off and adjust the volume from the Apple TV app on your phone. I would recommend this product if you are switch control user.


Nest thermostat

the nest thermostat wires into your existing thermostat and lets you control the temperature in your home either using your phone or with the Amazon echo. You will need to use IFTTT triggers to get the Amazon echo to connect in the nest thermostat. This is easy to use and I would recommend it.


Dyson space heaters (with Dyson link)

The space heaters can heat and cool your room or space very effectively and can be controlled by voice using the Amazon echo. I would recommend this device if you have trouble with temperature.