Success Stories

ray newby.jpg

Ray Newby

"I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all that The Tyler Schrenk foundation has done for me over the last nine months.  The information and technology that your foundation has recommended and given me has expanded and greatly improved the quality of my life."


gina m photo1.jpg

Gina McMaster 

“Thank you and TSF for giving me my Tecla Shield 2 years ago.  And, many thanks to the technicians that got it up and running on my power wheelchair.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your team at Olympic Pharmacy on that exciting day.”

michael zimmerman.JPG

Michael Zimmerman

"I wanted to thank for your invaluable input.   As a physician, I am always trying to do the best for my patients.  When I found myself recently trying to help my patient with ALS, I really did not know where to turn.  You took the time to understand what issues we were facing and offer clear and objective feedback and recommendations.   Your helped us understand options and choices.   I really appreciate that you even took the time to demonstrate capabilities and solutions right there on our call.    Your willingness and passion to help others is truly inspiring.  Keep up the great work!"

daniel hernandez.jpg

Daniel Hernandez

"I want to thank you and your foundation for helping me get the Xbox one. I am now able to control my TV without the help of somebody else and it really feels good. It is one less thing that I have to depend on people on and a little more independence. Thank you again. I really appreciate your help."

Ian thank you plus photo.jpg

Ian Mackay

"I feel very fortunate that the TSF helped me to acquire these assistive technology devices. I hope to pay it forward in any way I can. I hope to share my newfound knowledge of adaptive technology with others who have mobility impairments and also work with these companies that make the technology to better improve their products. My life has certainly been changed by these devices and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the TSF."

holland bird.jpg

Holland Byrd

"I would like to thank you for supplying me with voice activated lights.  The lights have helped improve my quality of life by allowing me to be more independent.  Without your knowledge of the system, this increased independence would not have been possible." 


Denise Smith-Irwin

"With the Thanksgiving season ending and the holiday season beginning I was contemplating things I was grateful for and one of them was Tyler Schrenk and his nonprofit TSF Organization. He graciously and patiently spent many conversations with me over the phone brainstorming the most efficient and cost effective way of integrating the technology I had so I could voice activate my televisions."


Faron Shanklin

"I would like to thank the Tyler Schrenk nonprofit foundation. I am able to turn my living room lights on and off using the Amazon echo in combination with the IFTTT plug-in modules using only voice commands. Tyler is very knowledgeable regarding electronics, enabling people like myself to have greater environmental control. I highly recommend content Tyler with any issues or needs of your own."


Carsten Zahout-Heil

"Tylers input and feedback is the base to develop reasonable products that hit the mark and do not provide „nice“ ideas by some engineers. His energy, patience and passion was and still is a great source of inspiration for my work on accessibility!"




AJ Minnick

"A HUGE thank you to Tyler at the TSF foundation and for all the support and work you do for others with such a unique need. You will never be able to calculate or quantify the difference you are making in lives that really need this technology. THANK YOU."